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care2team 2 min read

Regulating Online Political Campaigning

Photo by rpongsaj. Source: Flickr Creative Commons

Political campaigning on the internet has provoked disagreement among the members of the Federal Election Commission (FEC). 

In order to alleviate confusion and provide a framework for potential violations, the Commission established new rules regarding online political campaigning.  The rules intend to set limits for funding and clarify the law in regards to the different Web-based activities implemented by politicians in their campaigns. 

The FEC Rulemaking - Background and FAQ document outlines the law and explains who is exempt from these regulations.  In this specific case it gives power to "bloggers" and "unpaid individuals."  Moreover, the Commission explicitly states how these new regulations affect the diverse campaign contributors and political candidates.

To learn more about this issue, read the article posted by the Center for Democracy and Technology, "Square Pegs and Round Holes: Applying the Campaign Finance Law to the Internet -- Risks to Free Expression and Democratic Values."