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Justin Perkins 2 min read

NetSquared Second Wednesdays are hip

By Justin Perkins 

So this has been quite the networking two weeks for the nonprofit techies scene. After recovering from the Care2 Open House last week, which was a blast--thanks to all of you beautiful people who came out and partied with us--this week I was broadsided with three nights in a row of happy happy. Boom, boom, boom.  Looks like the second week of the month could be ridiculous going forward. Tuesday at the Ritz Carlton with Hank Deardon's New Media Second Tuesdays Event, Wednesday with the NetSquared Second Tuesdays (I know, it's confusing that it's actually on Wednesday, but we didn't want to conflict with Hank's event), and M&R's Progressive Exchange happy hour on Thursday.  Madness.  Good folks though, and I'd recommend all of the events.

I'll be helping Michael Silberman of Echo Ditto organize the NetSquared Second Tuesdays, which are a bit more educationally oriented, nerdy and brown-baggy in nature (and often has the first round of drinks sponsored).  The ongoing theme is using technology to catalyze social change, and the community is growing rapidly, so join in and give me a shout if you have recommendations for themes and speakers. 

This month Jeff Regen of Defenders of Wildlife and Rosalyn Lemieux of MoveOn shed light on some creative ways to use online petitions to get the word out and engage people in your cause.  Here's what Beaconfire had to say about the evening...