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Year-End Fundraising

The NonProfit Times published a story (link here: http://www.nptimes.com/instantfund/08Dec/IF-081204-1.html) about how to make the most of year-end fundraising. Here are just some of the ideas found there.

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  Topics: Online Fundraising

New Convio Study Projects Donations in the Face of Tough Economic Times

The current economic situation has made many nonprofits nervous about incoming donations in the next few months.  However, a study by Convio provides some hope in the form of online donations.

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  Topics: Marketing Research, Online Fundraising

New Study Suggests that Cause Marketing Boosts Sales

Consumers are much more likely to buy products from companies that support social causes -- and nonprofit organizations --  than from companies that don’t. This is the key finding of a new study conducted by Duke University and cause marketing agency Cone, Inc. The study analyzed the effects of advertisements for toothpaste and shampoo brands on 182 consumers – some of whom viewed generic ads, while the rest of the consumers viewed “cause marketing” ads emphasizing the company’s partnership with a nonprofit organization to advance a particular social cause.

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  Topics: Cause Marketing

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