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Shayna Englin

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New Report Highlights the Advocacy Gap

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  Topics: Online Advocacy, nptech, Trends

New Poll Offers Insights on Driving Political and Policy Conversations

Whether or not your work is directly related to politics and policy in Washington, DC, the political climate will have an impact on how your members, donors, volunteers, and other stakeholders receive your communications.

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  Topics: Marketing Research, Online Advocacy, Online Marketing, Trends

Finding and Engaging Superstars


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  Topics: Online Fundraising, Online Advocacy, Online Organizing

Winning Campaigns: Integrating Offline and Online Strategies is Key

My first campaign job was in 1995 at Colorado NARAL.  We didn't have an email list and we were just about to launch a website (complete with animated GIFs, natch).  Among my responsibilities was maintaining the citizen lobbyist phone trees - a job that entailed calling everyone on it every so often, in addition to activating it sometimes just to make sure everyone on it still knew what to do.  Over the many intervening years, I've worked on many campaigns.  These days, I'm far more likely to step back and marvel at how much easier it is to do some of the basic work of campaigns than I am to test a phone tree.

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  Topics: Integrated Marketing, Online Advocacy, Online Organizing, Direct Mail

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