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Four Classic Storylines for Nonprofit Storytelling

  What’s the big deal about storytelling?

Storytelling matters because it shapes movements and defines the success of your nonprofit. But you're probably thinking, “I don’t have a sexy story” or “I don’t know how to tell a story”. You may have even tried to use storytelling at your nonprofit but it didn’t get much traction.

We believe that nonprofits and social good projects have an unlimited potential in using stories because you make this world a better place. It’s actually easier than you think to create a compelling story. You have all the building blocks for an effective story, but how do you get the put them together?

Look at the fairy tales, fireside stories, and your favorite Hollywood movies. There are storylines that every popular story follows. Guess what? They drive donations as well.

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  Topics: Social Networking, Online Fundraising, Online Marketing

How to Create a Tribe for Your Nonprofit


What is a Tribe?

A tribe is a group of people that includes many families and relatives who have the same language, customs, and beliefs.

A tribe is more than just a group of people, it is a community.

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  Topics: Social Networking, Online Fundraising

How To Leverage Press For Your Online Fundraising Campaign

In 2011, we partnered with the American Red Cross to launch a social fundraising campaign that raised over $125,000 in 10 days.

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Seven Secrets to Getting More Donors

Fundraising is your nonprofit’s lifeblood; it fuels the impact you make. Yet, most of us aren’t professionally trained fundraisers so it doesn’t come naturally to us.

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  Topics: Online Fundraising

7 Habits of Effective Personal Fundraisers

Personal fundraisers are your individual supporters that fundraise for your non-profit or cause. They love your non-profit, but struggle to get the most donations possible. We’ve seen lots of people spin their wheels to figure out how they can get their friends and family to support your non-profit.

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