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Innovative Uses of SMS: SMS for Lunch Campaign

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  Topics: Guest Blogs, Mobile, Online Fundraising

New Trend Emerging in Deceptive List Growth?

Several weeks ago I noticed the first of what might be a growing trend of adding email address to a mailing list without allowing the user to choose whether to opt-in or opt-out of the list.

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  Topics: Email Marketing, Guest Blogs

First Rule of the Frog: Always Send a Welcome Message.

Whether someone opts in to your newsletter list from your homepage or meanders into your newsletter list from some other source, the next step is to send a welcome message. Always. The reader is new to your list and it will certainly be the first impression of your e-mail program. It may also be the first impression a person has of your organization. Yet many organizations from large to small treat the welcome message as an afterthought, or even worse, as merely a technical requirement.

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  Topics: Email Marketing

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