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Measuring Social Media ROI: What Does it Really Mean?

Everyone has an opinion about social media and the value it adds to nonprofits. Your Executive Director wants you to have it, and how can you tell a funder you don’t have a social media presence. The Communication Director sees it as another medium to “reach the public." The energy and enthusiasm of cutting edge staff is infectious as they tell you about their tweets, Facebook posts, blog posts and goofy, cool videos they watch. No one is arguing the coolness of social media nor its ability to collect “friends," “followers," and “views," but how do you measure what this means in terms of meeting your organization’s mission?

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  Topics: Social Networking, Web 2.0, Trends

Recession Obsession – What Does The Future Hold For Online Fundraising?

I can’t stop thinking about it and no one will let me. Turn on the TV, read the paper, listen to NPR, it’s all gloom and doom. What does that mean for nonprofits? Past behavior is an indicator of future actions, but that’s not likely the case this year. What can you expect in 2009? What should you do? Well, you can start by reading some of the most recent studies by Blackbaud, Donor Digital and M+R Strategic Services with 2008 year-end highlights, and smart tactics to deploy in these hard times. (BTW, I just did something that was suggested I not do - mention the state of the economy.)

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  Topics: Online Fundraising, Case Studies

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