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Diversifying Your Tech and Online Communications Teams

Nonprofit organizations are filled with some of the most passionate leaders who are fighting for social change yet 92 percent of national nonprofits headquartered in Washington, DC are led by white Executive Directors. Surprised? The panel “Diversifying Your Tech and Online Communications Teams” at NTC moderated by Jocelyn Harmon of Care2 and featuring Allyson Kapin of Rad Campaign and Frogloop Blogger-In-Chief, Shireen Mitchell of Digital Sistas and Ivan Boothe of Rootwork was a candid discussion about why diversity is important to developing nonprofit technology and bringing in valuable and different perspectives to the organizations online communications teams and senior leadership.

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Don't Cut Corners With Your Website

Is your nonprofit planning to upgrade your website in 2010 such as migrating it to a content management system or a new one - but don't want to change a thing about it otherwise? In an uncertain economy I can see where nonprofits are coming from. They feel the need to maker publishing easier and get more staff involved in producing content. Both of these things are great goals, but if you're doing just that then you're missing a huge opportunity.

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