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Infographic: How Content Curation Fits into the Marketing Mix

Earlier this spring, NTEN surveyed readers of the NTEN:Change Journal (a quarterly journal for nonprofit leaders) to find out how they were using their various
communications channels (like their website, Twitter and Facebook profiles, as well as direct email).

NTEN asked them to define what percentage of their resources were creation, curation, promotion, or community building for each channel, and received responses from 256 readers. What they found, interestingly, was that many reported using each channel primarily for a particular purpose—for example, for a given organization, 80 percent of what they do on a given channel is create new content, with only limited effort devoted to other uses.

NTEN worked with the folks at Idealware to conduct and analyze the survey, and you can find the full findings, as well as tips for mapping the right mix for each channel with your
communications goal, in the June issue of NTEN:Change, but here is a sneak peek at an infographic from the study!

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