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Cause Marketing: Selling Products Or Social Good?

Since the days of Edward Bernays, marketing has attempted to convince consumers of their hidden desire to buy products.  Have fifty years of manipulation run their course?   Many leading members of the cause marketing industry feel that consumers are beginning to demand corporations not only provide quality products but also become responsible members of the community.  Can your nonprofit afford to not become part of a cause marketing campaign?  I spoke with three leading practitioners of cause marketing to find out.

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Is Your Nonprofit Ready for Facebook Currency?

Think your friends spend too much time on Facebook?  They're not alone. According to comScore, 5.5% of all time spent online in the US during the month of November was on Facebook.  That's a lot of time.  As Facebook expands past 300 global million users, the online giant is also adding new services to keep people on its site.  Facebook's Gift Shop has recently been expanded to offer music, e-cards, real gifts, as well as a charity gift section.  What does this new marketplace mean for nonprofits?  Are there any lessons to be drawn from the way Facebook is changing the online marketplace landscape?

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