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Innovations in Online Advertising [Internet Advocacy Roundtable, June 2013]

This month's Internet Advocacy Roundtable features a discussion on the cutting edge of online advertising from three companies that are breaking new ground on targeted advertising for advocacy and politics. Basically, we have evolved beyond targeting websites that people we want to reach visit to targeting the people we want to reach specifically.

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  Topics: Technology, Nonprofit Events, Trends

Crowdsource This… and That: Getting Creative with Crowdsourcing Strategy (Internet Advocacy Roundtable, April 2013)

Crowdsourcing is all the rage.

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  Topics: Online Advocacy, nptech, Nonprofit Events, Trends, Crowdsourcing

Content Strategy for a Social World: The Internet Advocacy Roundtable Returns

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  Topics: nptech, Nonprofit Events, Trends

Rules of Social Media Engagement

Yesterday in part one "Measuring the Impact of Your Social Media Program" of this blog series, I discussed the importance of audience reach, how people see your key messages, and how to measure social media reach. None of these measurements will be helpful unless your organization knows how to truly engage people on social networks. 

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  Topics: Social Networking, Web 2.0, Trends

Measuring the Impact of Your Social Media Program

As nonprofits and advocacy groups delve deeper into social media, the need to assess their return on investment (ROI) is critical. Given the organizational goals of advocacy groups, it should be abundantly clear that ROI encompasses far more than fundraising, and in many cases will not include fundraising at all. So what should the ROI for advocacy groups’ social media programs be and how can we measure them?

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  Topics: Social Networking, Trends

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