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TAP Writer's Toolkit

Explore our affiliate program resources on how to write your own petitions. Discover how to elevate your voice to make an social impact.


Lead Quality

Lead quality is determined by your ability to attract email-responsive people with an affinity to donate to our nonprofit clients.

Target Audience

Our target demographic is progressive women over the age of 25. Ideal donors are typically over the age 50. 

Our KPIs

We pay close attention to email opens and conversions. Success is measured by the percentage of user referrals who open an email that we send as a follow-up, and then sign a petition within that email.

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write your own Petition

Writing your own petitions is an effective way to boost revenue. That's because your audience is more likely to engage with petitions that reflect your own style and tone rather than Care2's. Using your own voice to highlight issues that matter is the best way to inspire your audience to take action. We created a detailed petition writing guide just for you. It outlines best practices for effective petition writing so that you can maximize your impact. Here's a preview of what it covers:

Petition Image

Use the petition image itself or find your own reactionary headshot or news clip. Side by sides work well when describing a news story. You are welcome to create your own graphic using our Canva template.


Contrast between the hero and villain. Call out hypocrisy. Use concise, action-oriented verbiage to spark outrage. Drive a sense of urgency to act now. 

Length & Format

Check out Care2 petitions that are short, long, and with bullet points to help inform your own approach. A/B testing is recommended. 


Sample verbiage: Take Action, Demand Justice, Join The Movement, Support The Cause, Add Your Name, Sign The Petition, Sign Now.

Sample Partner Petitions

Check out our hottest petitions, many of which are political petitions written by our partners. You can also see that our partners speak to a variety of topics as featured below.

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