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Care2 has demonstrated a broad range of success for organizations that are looking to recruit new donors, volunteers, and grassroots advocates for virtually any cause.

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"Oceana's work to protect and restore the world's oceans is made easier because of Care2's ability to raise awareness to a large international audience and generate new activists for our network. We have always been impressed with Care2's ability to recruit tens of thousands of new high-quality Oceana activists in a short period of time."

-Maureen McGregor

Director of E-Activism & Marketing

"The Care2 audience and technology play a critical role in our efforts to protect the environment from devastating government rollbacks. We are very excited about working together to mobilize Care2's members on behalf of the 21 groups in the Partnership Project."

-Julie Waterman

Campaign Director
The Partnership Project

"We recruited several hundred thousand activists from Care2 at the DNC and were consistently impressed with the contribution of the Care2 activists. When we combined their online giving with offline giving through the mail and phones, it made continuing our work with Care2 a very easy internal decision."

-Chris Kenngott

(former Director of Online Marketing at the Democratic National Committee)

"We recruited several hundred thousand activists from Care2 at the DNC and were consistently impressed with the contribution of the Care2 activists. When we combined their online giving with offline giving through the mail and phones, it made continuing our work with Care2 a very easy internal decision."

-Phil Radford

Field Director
Greenpeace USA

"Of the sources we tested to recruit online constituents and subscribers, Care2 offered the best combination of quality, quantity and value."

-Vanessa Harbin

Online Fundraising Manager
Smithsonian Institution

"We have used Care2 for a number of online campaigns over the years and we have always been very satisfied with the results. Care2’s attention to detail and personal service has helped us drive traffic to our website, grow our online community and generate donations.”

-Kevin Reid

Vice President
Amplify Public Affairs (former Director of Internet Communications at Amnesty International USA)

"Where do you go when you need to recruit thousands of high-quality online activists at an affordable price? Care2. We’ve been recommending Care2 to our nonprofit clients for years, in part because it’s constantly growing – so you know results are scalable. That means a lot to us."

-Marc Ruben

Vice President, eCampaigns
M+R Strategic Services

"Care2 has been an extraordinary ally for us. Being able to rapidly engage broad support from a committed group of online activists is a tremendous resource. For example, in one of the final pushes of the successful campaign to protect the Great Bear Rainforest, over 10,000 Care2 members faxed letters to Premier Campbell's office urging him to protect this ecological treasure. Four months later, a historic agreement to protect over 5 million acres was reached. We were impressed by how fast and enthusiastically Care2 members reacted to our call to action."

-Todd Paglia

Executive Director

"I tell all of my clients that successful viral campaigns without any paid advertising behind them are happy accidents where a few big bloggers or big news reporters decided to write about your campaign and drive thousands of people to your website/sign-up page. Care2 can help organizations bypass this risk by guaranteeing to recruit thousands of people for you who are motivated to taking action on your issues. I have worked with Care2 for years and they have continued to quickly recruit thousands of quality activists for several campaigns we have worked on. Their approach ads up to a huge time and cost savings for nonprofits, and you can benefit by having a lot more control over the timing of promotions and numbers of people you can reach without having to rely on a stroke of viral luck. You can then focus your time on list cultivation and fundraising to people who already care about your issue.”

-Allyson Kapin

Founding Partner
RAD Campaign (former Online Manager at Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids)

"Care2 has been a valuable partner in recent years, enabling NPCA to more than triple our activist outreach."

-Tom Kiernan

Executive Director
National Parks Conservation Association

"In the last few years, the UN Foundation and its campaigns and initiatives like The Better World Campaign, Nothing But Nets, and Girl Up have seen its network of advocates and activists grow with the help of Care2 through petitions, quizzes, pledges, blog posts and more. Our work to connect people with the United Nations to solve global problems like reducing malaria deaths, empowering women and girls, and supporting UN peacekeepers has been a perfect fit for the Care2 community. The Care2 is a pleasure to work with – responsive, helpful, and creative – an excellent partner for growing our network of global advocates."

-Jenna Sauber

Senior Online Communications Associate
UN Foundation

"When Scenic Hudson needed to quickly recruit several thousand local residents to support our activities, we turned to Care2. We were happy we did. The Care2 ran a professional and efficient campaign. And the Care2 supporters who signed up for Scenic Hudson's mailing list have really contributed. They've become informed advocates and prime prospects for Scenic Hudson's volunteer, education and fundraising programs."

-Kerri Karvetski

Online Communications Consultant
companykmedia.com (former Web Manager at Scenic Hudson)

"The Care2 members who signed up for our email list proved to be people who were willing to take action and donate."

-Elise Fullerton

Direct Mail Coordinator
Alley Cat Allies

"Care2 has been a steady partner of our nonprofit clients for online advocacy recruitment work. Their activists have consistently delivered in terms of taking action, volunteering, and donating. And we're excited to have their help recruiting activists for political campaigns in critical election years."

-Andy Stone

M+R Strategic Services

"Like no other online community, Care2 has been a great source of new activists for our North Carolina Conservation Network. We return to Care2 every year to recruit new activists and have always been impressed with the results."

-Heather Yandow

Director of Development and Communications
North Carolina Conservation Network

"Care2 is a key partner in our efforts to engage a wide audience in successful conservation campaigns."

-Kathy Kilmer

Electronic Communications, The Wilderness Society

"I've used Care2 for more than 5 years. Care2 offers the rare combination of quality and quantity and their supporters have consistently proven themselves as strong activists and donors especially for environmental groups. When I know the organizations I work with matches the interests of the Care2 community, I don't hesitate to add Care2 to my media plans."

-Kelly O'Neal

Online Strategy Consultant
(Independent Consultant to Nonprofits)

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