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In the spring of 2015, Bernie Sanders was polling around 3%, had little name recognition and was running against an “inevitable” Democratic primary opponent. The Sanders campaign had their work cut out for them. With no online fundraising team, Super PAC or Wall Street money, they would need to raise nearly all of the campaign’s funds from small-dollar donations.

The Bernie Sanders campaign hired Revolution Messaging to develop a comprehensive digital and branding strategy designed to mobilize millions. Revolution Messaging tapped Care2 because of our ability to engage and activate our progressive audience of 40 million members. Care2 created and launched a campaign designed to recruit passionate, like-minded supporters to the Sanders campaign who would quickly turn into donors.

Key Results:

  • $6,000,000 in donations from Care2 members
  • 16% supporter to donor conversion rate
  • 55,000 new donors

Download the full case study to see how we did it!

Learn how Bernie's campaign raised over $6,000,000 with Care2 petitions!

"The supporters we recruited from Care2 were incredibly responsive and engaged, and they donated at astonishing rates. Progressive candidates and organizations, here's your secret weapon online."

Kenneth Pennington
Digital Director
Bernie 2016

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