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For many people, mobile has become the default channel for accessing the internet, reading emails, watching videos and using social media. As of early 2018, 77% of the American population owns a smartphone.

Mobility has blazed a path across nearly all sectors. It has forever changed the way people consume media, shop for goods, bank, communicate and much, much more.

But nonprofits haven’t adapted to the mobile revolution as quickly as the rest of the world.

This ebook is designed for the busy fundraiser who's either getting started with mobile, or who hopes to improve aspects of their mobile journey. Either way, we believe strategies that consider mobile a secondary concern simply will not do: Nonprofits have to go mobile-first.

In this ebook, you'll learn:

  • How to evaluate your current mobile experience
  • How to express yourself consistently across all media
  • How to simplify UX and payment
  • Follow up and reengagement tactics
  • and more!

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