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Patagonia Case Study

How Patagonia leveraged Care2 to connect with consumers and activate their brand promise

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Patagonia is a brand that has always been committed to making the world a better place, in fact it’s part of their mission statement; Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis. Patagonia was looking for a way to engage customers and get them involved with environmental causes.

Through their Granted film series Patagonia tells the stories of people who are fighting to preserve or restore life-giving connections to their lands, cultures and communities. Patagonia had a goal of driving views of the short film The Refuge to help connect people to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the people and animals who call it home, as well as a want to amplify the issue, inspire action and move policy to protect the arctic.

Care2 worked in partnership with Patagonia and the Alaskan Wilderness League to create a petition which integrated the short film, asking the US Senate to defend the arctic refuge from oil drilling. Care2 engaged Collectively an Influencer agency to craft an influencer strategy to amplify the campaign via social media as well as leveraged owned marketing channels, native editorial, proactive media pitching, onsite advertising and behavioral targeting to drive petition signatures and video views.

The campaign closed with over 94K people taking action over 10 days to save the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge - nearly double our original goal! 

To read more, download the full case study.