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How Care2 helps Defenders of Wildlife achieve year-end fundraising success


Each year, Defenders of Wildlife needs as many new, quality email addresses as possible before year-end fundraising begins.

Defenders of Wildlife provided Care2 with many diverse, advocacy-focused actions that would attract lots of new subscribers to their list. Care2 promoted the petitions and pledges over the course of 2.5 months. By the end of the campaign, Defenders of Wildlife had gathered over 100,000 new subscribers. The organization then contacted them with advocacy and fundraising asks. This year-end fundraising strategy proved so successful, Defenders repeated the campaign the following year.

Of the new subscribers acquired fewer than two months ago, 1,163 have already made donations to Defenders of Wildlife. The organization’s new subscribers will continue to be a long-term source of fundraising. Of those recruited on Care2 the previous year, Defenders of Wildlife converted 2,628 to donors and earned an ROI of 25%

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