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Cats Protection Case Study

How Cats Protection Found New Donors and Advocates in the UK Who Changed the World For Cats

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Cats Protection, an organization striving for a world where every cat is treated with kindness, wanted to increase its impact. To fulfill its mission, the organization needs new supporters, donors, volunteers, and action-takers. It also needed to change the law.

Cats Protection first came to Care2 with a mission to recruit 20,000 new email subscribers, recruit regular givers at a positive ROI, and to change the law regarding kitten adoptions in the UK.

That campaign was a huge success! Cats Protection gained new supporters and donors, and the government took action against the sale of sick and underage kittens.

Following that victory, Cats Protection returned to Care2 with an even bigger goal of recruiting 85,000 new GDPR-compliant email subscribers and more online impact in the form of campaigning,
volunteers, and event attendees.

Download the case study to see how we did it.