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The Red Cross Launches Crisis Data Response and Listening Center

Yesterday in Washington, DC, Dell and the American Red Cross announced the launch of the Digital Operations Center, a social media emergency management response center. The digital monitoring facility was donated by Dell, and is based off their critically acclaimed Social Media Listening and Command Center.

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You Can’t Thank your Community Enough

Showing appreciation for our supporters is one of the most powerful things we can do to strengthen our communities and ensure our organizations’ long-term success.

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Online Competitions: Lessons from MIT’s Service Innovation Challenge

For the last three years we’ve worked at the MIT Public Service Center – in collaboration with the MIT Alumni Association, MIT150, and numerous stakeholders - to translate a campus-based innovation competition into an online platform that engages the worldwide MIT community. We’ve cracked the competition process open, leveraging a combination of workflows and social tools to produce a compelling experience of real participation in key activities.

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Best Websites to Promote Volunteerism

 Did you know that in 2010 volunteerism increased by 11%, according to a study by Cone?  Volunteers also reported giving close to $2,600 as compared to non-volunteers who gave just $230, according to study by VolunteerMatch. Furthermore, 67% of those who volunteer say they donate money to the same organizations where they volunteer.

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70% of US College Students Say They Aren’t Politically Engaged

An estimated 70% of US college students say that they don't consider themselves to be politically engaged or politically active, according to a recent study by Knowledge Networks on behalf of Harvard University's Institute of Politics. 33% say online tools such as Facebook, YouTube, blogs and Twitter have greater impact than face-to-face advocacy and 16% said these tools made less of an impact. 

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Storytelling: Up Close and Personal

When your nonprofit tells a powerful story that inspires your members, or even a funny one that makes them laugh, you establish a human connection no matter what channel you use to share it. "It’s global connective tissue," said Stacey Monk, co-founder of Epic Change, who was part of the panel Up Close and Personal: How Storytelling Builds Movements at NTC along with Mark Horvath of Invisible People, Estrella Rosenberg of Big Love, Little Hearts, and moderated by Avi Kaplan of Rad Campaign.

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How to Manage a Volunteer Led Blog that Rocks

One of the biggest concerns nonprofits express to me about launching or maintaining their blog, is lack of staff time to update their blog with compelling posts. (Note, please don’t confuse “compelling posts” with long articles that take hours or days to write, a simple photo and caption that illustrates a good point around your issue is compelling). For nonprofits that are short on staff resources, could empowering your volunteers to regularly guest blog (weekly or bi-weekly) be a solution? Yes, so as long as your nonprofit is not obsessed with micro managing every word and are willing to invest in some blogger training, it could be worthwhile to explore.

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  Topics: Volunteering, Trends

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