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Learn how to grow your nonprofit through Donor Recruitment, Online Fundraising, Advocacy, and Social Media with Care2’s team of expert nonprofit professionals.

Nonprofit Email Newsletters: 5 Optimization Strategies

Email newsletters can be a great method for soliciting donations and communicating with supporters. Here are a few tips for creating the best results.

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  Topics: Email Marketing, Integrated Marketing, E-newsletters, fundraising, email fundraising

Tips to Communicate with your Advocates and Donors Online

Engaging your constituents and building good relationships takes a lot of work. If you are looking to improve your online communications and content, Convio recently shared a great list of suggestions about different types of content you can send to your supporters, and how often should you send it in order to maximize open rates, click-thru rates and, ultimately, fundraising.

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  Topics: Online Fundraising, Online Advocacy, E-newsletters

eNonprofit Benchmarks Study Reveals Latest Metrics for Advocacy, Fundraising and Social Media

Do you know the average click-through and open rates on action alerts and fundraising appeals across the nonprofit sector? Are enewsletters still worth your organization’s time? Are nonprofits experimenting with mobile more? Check out the 2010 eNonprofit Benchmarks Study from M+R Strategic Services and NTEN which surveyed 40 nonprofit organizations and analyzed all of this data and more.

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  Topics: Social Networking, Nonprofit Benchmark Studies, Online Fundraising, Online Advocacy, E-newsletters, Web 2.0, Trends

Blog Picks of the Week

After scouring the web, two articles caught our attention this week. Check them out and feel free to share your own picks of the week.

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  Topics: Social Networking, E-newsletters, Web 2.0, Trends

10 Fast Tips to Boost E-newsletter Performance

Let’s face it: People have a love hate relationship with their email. It’s a time suck, yet we are addicted to our in-boxes -- even if it’s just to quickly scan emails to stay up to date. Given the email clutter your subscribers battle daily, how are your organization’s e-newsletter open and click-through rates looking these days?

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  Topics: Email Marketing, E-newsletters

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