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Justin Perkins 3 min read

Friday Webinar: Best Practices for Email List-growth and Fundraising

As more and more nonprofits go online, and more and more donors give online, the leading nonprofits are finding that email is the most powerful option for online fundraising.

Listen to the recording of this webinar hosted by Justin Perkins (see note at bottom of this post - you need a password - Please call Justin at 303-475-4827 or email and ask for the webinar password), one of Care2's Nonprofit Marketing Strategists, on Friday, January 16th exploring the best practices for list-growth and online fundraising.


Justin was joined by Sarah DiJulio, Executive VP of M&R Strategic Services - one of the leading nonprofit marketing agencies, and Phoebe Lee, (former) Online Communications Coordinator at the UN Foundation. 


Learn how M&R has helped leading nonprofits like The Wilderness Society grow from 50,000 email subscribers to a highly-responsive list of over 300,000. Learn how the UN Foundation raised millions of dollars through their Nothing But Nets campaign, and the variety of campaignsthey run on poverty, global warming, human rights, and international peace.

Note: Because of the proprietary nature of the data shared in this webinar, you need to work for a nonprofit, and you will need a password to view this presentation. Please call Justin at 303-475-4827 or email and ask for the webinar password. To view the webinar presentation, click here.

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