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Ashley Hansen 3 min read

Effective Online Onboarding Strategies

Here is (yet another) compelling reason for your organization to leverage digital channels:  the next generation of donors are engaging more on digital platforms and are increasingly looking for a way to support and donate through these channels.

The data is in, but how can you acquire and “on-board” these digitally savvy people and convince them to donate to your organization?  Care2 and Parachute Digital teamed up to create a White Paper explaining just that! The report’s Six Stages of an Effective On-boarding Strategy guides you through and answers these questions:

Some of the key points that resonated for me were:

  • You don’t have to target everyone.  Your audience should be those people who connect with the work that your organization does and actively engage with you.  Find out what is important to them and what would trigger them to support you.
  • Use email, online petitions, and web or video content.  Get your advocates to take action, and then guide them through a timely set of communications that could start out by asking for a call to action and warm them up for a donation ask.  Your supporters will embark on a “journey of discovery” where they can become invested in your vision and goals.
  • Use each piece of communication as a measuring tool.  You can track and monitor your progress through what you send to your supporters.  Is there a higher Click Through Rate in one email vs another email?  Are your supporters responding to specific content?

With these questions in mind, you are primed to start thinking about digital in a new, hopefully more positive, way.

Good luck on launching your digital strategy!