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The Art of Petition Delivery


So you got 10,000 people to sign your petition — awesome! Now let the fun begin.

We all know that petitions are effective for list growth and influencing policy when combined with a strategic campaign plan. But really, what to do with all those juicy signatures to move your issue?

Join Care2 and Salsa Labs on a tour de petition as we explore how organizations like Protect Our Defenders, ForestEthics, Environmental Defense Fund and more are making the most out of their hard earned signatures.

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • Impact decision makers
  • Gain media exposure
  • Engage your members
  • Build on your campaign momentum

There is an Art to petition delivery. Learn from the best right here!

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Presented By:






Ryan Rastegar – Campaign Coordinator, Mississippi River Delta Restoration

presenter 2

Jeannette Russell – Organizing Director, Salsa Labs


Molly Connors – Director of Nonprofit Services, Care2