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Nonprofit Digital Teams in 2014 Webinar

How are Nonprofit Digital Teams doing in 2014? 

In 2011 digital strategy consultancy Communicopia helped create a much needed conversation in the NGO sector about the importance of focusing on digital teams as the foundation for overall digital program success with their Non-profit Digital Teams research report.

We now have fresh data that will help you run a more effective program. There are some surprises including team size, most popular job roles, what tops digital leaders' hiring wish lists, the most common team structures, channel growth, budget size, spend, and growth. Care2 is excited to be Communicopia's partner for the exclusive public launch of the 2014 Digital Teams Report.

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • How to benchmark your digital team against your peers
  • The key issues and influences at play in the sector today
  • How to improve your business case and impact
Watch this webinar and learn how this data can strengthen your digital team.

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Presented By:






Jason Mogus — Principal Strategist, Communicopia

Jason leads Communicopia, a 20 year old digital strategy consultancy that helps social change organizations create world class digital programs, projects, and teams. Jason has led digital transformation projects for some of the world's most respected social change brands including Human Rights Watch, the UN Foundation, the TckTckTck global climate campaign, NRDC, the City of Vancouver, and the Tar Sands Solutions Network.

Jason is a recognized leader in the fields of digital strategy, networked organizations and campaigns, digital teams, & organizational change catalyzed by technology.


Ryann Miller — Director of Nonprofit Services, Care2

A specialist in online and integrated fundraising and campaigning with a special emphasis on online media, Ryann works with nonprofits to help them recruit passionate supporters from Care2. Prior to joining Care2, Ryann was an online fundraising consultant at HJC New Media, where she worked with leading nonprofits to leverage the internet in nonprofit fundraising, advocacy and marketing.

Ryann owns an off-grid island summer cottage and lives with her husband, two sons, and dog Hank.