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Webinar Recording:
The New Rules for Email Deliverability 

...or, how to keep your email list from getting crushed.

Internet Service Providers are cracking down on high-volume email senders, such that even legitimate organizations are suffering. The best practices of the past few years are no longer sufficient. To prevent plummeting inbox rates—or to begin recovering from a recent penalty—you will need to quickly embrace the new rules of email deliverability.

We first shared our tips to stop your messages from going straight to spam in the New Rules for Email Deliverability white paper.

Now, report author Matt McGlynn, Founder and CTO, is here to share his inside knowledge.

In this essential webinar, Matt will break down what your organization must start doing to save your inbox rates, prevent a catastrophic shutdown of your email program, and help all your messages get to the right inbox folder. 

If your organization sends email, you don't want to miss this webinar recording! 

P.S. Haven't read the report yet? Download your free copy here.


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About the speaker: 

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Matt is carbon-neutral and solar powered. His work at Care2.com combines a lifelong enthusiasm for environmental conservation with 18 years of experience imagining, designing, and developing software products and services. He joined Randy in 1998 to build Care2 into the world’s largest social network for good. His ongoing advocacy of open-source tools, scalability, and high availability created the platform for Care2’s ongoing success. As CTO, Matt oversees all aspects of technology at Care2, including leadership of initiatives in site search, SEO, and email deliverability.