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Measuring the Networked Nonprofit Webinar


Is your organization producing reliable, measurable data that supports your social media practice?

Funders and board members expect to see results, so networked nonprofits need to focus on metrics that reinforce these online efforts.

In this webinar Beth Kanter shares ideas and tips from her new book, Measuring the Networked Nonprofit, and is joined by Ashley Boyd of MomsRising (one of the featured case studies in the book) to share how they put the measurement frameworks described in the book into practice.

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • How to lead with a networked mindset
  • How to build your organization's capacity to be networked one small step at a time
  • What it means to be data-informed
  • The 7 steps of measurement
  • Plus lots of useful and practical tips and tools for using measurement for learning and continuous improvement
Data can help you change the world. Learn how in this expert webinar!

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Presented By:







Beth Kanter -- Author, Measuring the Networked Nonprofit

presenter 2

Ashley Boyd -- Campaign Director, MomsRising.org

presenter 3

Ryann Miller -- Director of Nonprofit Services, Care2