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Hidden Heroes: The Buried Treasure in Your Database 

Just 3% of your existing donors who are giving average amounts today can boost your annual revenue by 30%. The trick is to find the right people, make the right offer and steward gifts strategically.

Join Fraser Green from Good Works as he unveils both quantitative and qualitative donor research that sheds light on HERO© donors – and their incredible potential. Fraser will profile your best HERO prospects, what their giving potential is, what will trigger big gifts -- and what you need to do to keep them giving big to you.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Where to look in your database to find your own HERO prospects
  • To understand the elements of the right case and offer to leverage much larger gifts
  • How to begin creating HERO giving campaigns that are seamlessly integrated with other solicitation programs and channels
  • To do more with less!


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Fraser Green - Principal and Chief Strategist, Good Works

Fraser Green is Principal and Chief Strategist at Good Works, one of Canada’s leading fundraising consulting agencies. At Good Works, Fraser’s focus is on deep human communication, donor research and legacy giving. Prior to coming to consulting in 1996, Fraser was CEO of the New Democratic Party of Canada, Special Assistant to Ontario Premier Bob Rae and Director of Organization for the Ontario NDP.

Fraser is a gifted writer and a sought after public speaker. He presents regularly at fundraising conferences in Canada, the USA and Europe. His articles are frequently published in professional journals. Fraser is the co-author of ‘Iceberg Philanthropy’ (2007). His new book ‘3D Philanthropy’ will be published in November 2011.

Fraser and his wife Jennifer live with their two boys in a log house outside Ottawa. In his spare time, Fraser is passionate about his guitars, kayaking, yoga, cross-country skiing and cycling.

Ryann Miller - Director of Nonprofit Services, Care2

Ryann Miller is director of nonprofit services at Care2, where she helps nonprofits recruit online supporters. Care2 is the largest online community of people making a difference. She is the former managing director of DonorTrends and was a senior fundraising consultant at HJC New Media. Co-author of the Hilborn eNews (formerly Canadian Fundraising and Philanthropy) series Web Jury, and speaker at fundraising conferences, Ryann is an avid traveler, keen reader, and near-obsessive listener of music. That was before the kid and the dog. Now she dreams of spare time. She's inspired by the nonprofits she has the pleasure of working alongside.