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Digital Teams: Your Smartest Investment to Master a Multi-channel World


The right structure and leadership for your digital/online team will impact your performance online more than any other initiative you will undertake.

So how do you know if you have a dysfunctional digital/online team?

What are the different models for how organizations manage digital, and which are the most effective for today's multi-channel world? Finally, what are the most common patterns and challenges facing digital teams across the non-profit sector?

In this webinar, longtime digital leaders share their learnings from working across dozens of digital teams in multiple sectors. They share--for the first time with the public--the most significant results from their digital team structure survey for the non-profit sector conducted by Communicopia over summer 2011.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • 5 Dysfunctions of a Digital Team
  • 4 Models of Successfully Managing Digital
  • Leadership expectations for digital teams
  • # of properties digital teams manage

Are you invested in your digital team? Learn why this is smart for multichannel in this webinar.

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Jason Mogus - Principal Strategist, Communicopia

Jason Mogus is the principal strategist atCommunicopia, a Webby Award-winning digital consultancy that helps social change organizations adapt to a networked world. Jason has led digital transformation projects for the TckTckTck global climate campaign, The Elders, NRDC, the United Nations Foundation, and the City of Vancouver, and he is the founder of the Web of Change community.

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Michael Silberman - Global Director of Digital Innovation, Greenpeace

Michael Silberman is the global director of Digital Innovation at Greenpeace, where he leads a new lab that envisions, tests, and rolls out creative new means of engaging and mobilizing supporters in 42 countries. Silberman is a co-founder of EchoDitto, a digital consultancy that empowers leading organizations to have a greater impact through the creative use of new technologies.

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Justin Perkins - Senior Director of Brand Engagement and Business Development, Care2

Since 2006, Justin has worked with Care2 on over 250 campaigns to recruit millions of supporters for nonprofits across a wide variety of social and environmental issues. He also launched frogloop.com--a leading nonprofit marketing blog--and developed one of the first social network ROI calculators to help nonprofits plan and evaluate their social media efforts. He is passionate about helping nonprofits use a data-driven, efficient approach to online marketing. Justin has an MBA from the University of Colorado.