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Turning Digital Followers into Engaged Communities: The Seven Elements of Building Effective Networks

Often digital marketers are caught thinking of digital channels as passive, transactional lists. But the potential is so much greater than just getting a small percentage of people to buy or donate. The secret to moving a list from a transaction center to an engaged network? Build community.

This webinar features Justin Perkins, VP of Strategic Partnerships at Care2, and Dawn Arteaga, Director of Digital Strategy at Netcentric Campaigns. Justin will discuss best practices in community building from Care2 - a 32 million member progressive community.  Dawn will share some of the insights from years of deep consulting work developed by Netcentric Campaigns in building several national movements from loosely affiliated networks.


Any digital marketer with a list of fans, followers, or email subscribers they would like to activate more deeply. Lessons apply to both nonprofits, mission-based brands, and even organizations with independent affiliate networks.

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