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Monthly Donors, Social Media, and Cross-Channel Integration: Critical Tactics to Boost Your Fundraising


Make this the year your fundraising comes of age.

Say good bye to "online fundraising" and "offline fundraising," there is only fundraising.

Leads acquired online are often best nurtured through social networks and converted in the mail, or over the phone if you're after monthly donors. Direct mail donors give more if they are hearing from you via email and social networks. Watch this webinar and learn the critical and often easy ways you can boost your fundraising results.

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • Building social media into your email and website
  • Finding out which people on your email list are on Facebook (without annoying them)
  • Engaging on Facebook, converting in email...
  • Using Facebook ads to drive online actions
  • Phoning your email supporters

Could your fundraising use a boost? Make it happen with this webinar.

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Presented By:






Paul Habig -- Executive Vice President/Creative Director, SankyNet

presenter 2

Sarah Alexander -- Education & Outreach Director, Food & Water Watch

presenter 3

Eric Rardin -- Vice President of Business Development, Care2