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Care2 101 Webinar

Have you ever wanted to...

  • Grow your email list of supporters— including donors, volunteers and others who will help your nonprofit?
  • Mobilize an army of e-activists to win advocacy victories for your cause (while building your own army)?
  • Drive a ton of “do-gooders” to your website? Or to vote for you in a contest? Right now?

Join Clint O'Brien, VP of Nonprofit Services, for a "Care2 101” webinar to learn about some of the most popular ways that organizations like yours are connecting with the more than 20 million members of Care2.com

Watch this webinar and learn how you can quickly grow your base of supporters and donors!

Learn how to GROW your nonprofit by recruiting supporters on Care2!

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Clint O'Brien, Care2

Clint joined Care2 in 2005 to lead its nonprofit services team, after previously leading business development at nonprofit TV network PBS.

He also worked for seven years as a journalist in Washington, DC and Moscow for Newsweek Magazine, the Associated Press and other news organizations, and is a winner of the National Press Club Washington Correspondence Award for investigative reporting on toxic polluters.

He holds an MBA in marketing from the Wharton School, and founded the monthly "Wharton Nonprofit Roundtable" for executives working in the nonprofit sector.