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Nonprofit & Sustainable Brands Case Studies

We've worked with more than 1,700 nonprofit organizations and sustainable brands since 1998. More than half our clients return for another campaign within the first 12 months.

sudan relief fund logo.jpg

Sudan Relief Fund Case Study

Learn how Sudan Relief Fund and Care2's rapid response activated new and existing supporters around a critical mission.

[+] Sudan Relief Fund Case Study


Bernie Sanders for President Case Study

Learn how the Bernie Sanders for President Campaign used Care2 petitions to connect with, engage and activate supporters, resulting in $6,000,000 in donations.

[+] Bernie Sanders for President Case Study

slt logo.png

Animal Welfare Case Study

Read why Snow Leopard Trust turns to Care2 for supporter acquisition again and again (and again).

[+] Animal Welfare Case Study

rainforest alliance logo.png

Conservation Case Study

Learn how Rainforest Alliance diversified donor acquisition and built a successful online platform with Care2.

[+] Conservation Case Study

wap logo.png

Animal Welfare Case Study

Learn how World Animal Protection reached highly engaged donors who continue to give.

[+] Animal Welfare Case Study

womankind logo.png

Gender Equality Case Study

Read how Womankind Worldwide combined education and fundraising with great results.

[+] Gender Equality Case Study

compassion in world farming.png

Animal Welfare Case Study

Read how Compassion in World Farming Netherlands brought more than 475,000 Europeans together against animal cruelty.

[+] Animal Welfare Case Study

which logo.png

Consumer Advocacy Case Study

Read how Which? built a group of passionate campaigners that continues to engage.

[+] Consumer Advocacy Case Study

happy egg.jpeg

Humane Farming Case Study

Learn how Care2 helped Happy Egg reach a flock of new supporters.

[+] Humane Farming Case Study

ode logo.jpeg

Paid Magazine Subscription Case Study

Learn how Ode Magazine achieved its highest-ever paid conversion rates and reached ROI in just six months.

[+] Paid Magazine Subscription Case Study


Elder Care Case Study

Learn how Citymeals on Wheels achieved an ROI of 40% in just 4 months with supporters recruited on Care2.

[+] Elder Care Case Study


Animal Welfare Case Study

Read how the African Wildlife Foundation used Care2.com's upgraded website to achieve a 110% ROI in just 5 months.

[+] Animal Welfare Case Study


Civil Rights/LGBTQ Case Study

Read how the Human Rights Campaign used multichannel fundraising techniques to segment their list and continually re-engage their Care2 recruits, converting an impressive number into monthly sustainers.

[+] Civil Rights/LGBTQ Case Study


Animal Welfare Case Study

Read how the World Society for the Protection of Animals USA branched out from traditional fundraising and communications to recruit Care2 members, achieving positive ROI after just nine months and gaining legions of engaged new supporters.

[+] Animal Welfare Case Study


Conservation Case Study

Read how EDF relies on Care2 to recruit tens of thousands of valuable new supporters each year.

[+] Conservation Case Study


Animal Welfare Case Study

For in-depth ROI data on a set of multiple campaigns, read our case study with one of our animal welfare clients, this relatively small nonprofit saw big returns--breaking even in less than nine months--and subsequently returning for several Care2 donor recruitment campaigns.

[+] Animal Welfare Case Study


Pedestrian Rights Case Study

Read how UK organisation Living Streets reached a new audience and pulled off their biggest letter-writing campaign ever.

[+] Pedestrian Rights Case Study

world development movement.png

Human Rights Case Study

View this case study to learn how UK organisation World Development Movement used a welcome series and telemarketing to convert Care2 donor leads into regular givers.

[+] Human Rights Case Study

We love great case studies, and we also love the feedback we regularly hear from clients that report on the success of their campaigns.

Below you'll find some of our favorite short success stories and data points that our clients have shared in recent years:

  • National Relief Charities' very first welcome message to a newly acquired list of Care2 supporters resulted in a 49 percent open rate, 12 percent click through rate, 2.7 percent action rate, and even scored an immediate donation!  Their first donation appeal saw a 1.1% response rate – typically what most organizations expect to see in a year.
  • A national political organization has repeatedly achieved a 100% ROI (i.e. doubled their investment) within one year of purchase.
  • A modest sized ocean conservation group reports that Care2 recruits donate at a 25% higher rate than the names on their own housefile.
  • A small international development group that aids refugees in war-torn countries recently obtained payback in eight months after their Care2 campaign.
  • A Washington, DC-based cultural institution tested Care2 against 15 other sources of online acquisition. Care2 greatly outperformed all other sources on a quantity basis, and beat all but two of the other sources on conversion-to-donor.
  • A large national Environmental group, which has been using Care2 for many years to recruit hundreds of thousands of leads each year, reports that they achieve break-even on Care2 campaigns within eight to nine months of purchase.
  • The Audubon Society sent out their first message to newly acquired Care2 supporters and received a 46 percent open rate and a 43 percent click-through-rate to their advocacy page, where they had a 42 percent completion (conversion) rate.
  • 1sky.org - a national climate change campaign used Care2 to recruit tens of thousands of supporters, and strategic advice from Care2, to double its Facebook fan base in just two months. [Note: 1Sky subequently merged with another climate change organization and is now known as 350.org.]

*Though these organizations are well known, we've kept some names anonymous at their request. Care2 respects and protects its nonprofit partners.