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Infographic: How Facebook Turned Red to Support Same-Sex Marriage

On March 25th, the Human Rights Campaign posted the red version of its logo on their Facebook page in anticipation of the Supreme Court hearings on Prop 8 and DOMA. The status update read: “Who’s wearing red tomorrow? Show your support for marriage equality – make your image red tomorrow.” And that is exactly what many of their 1.4M followers on Facebook did.

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The Ultimate Grassroots Flow Chart

As nonprofit organizations, it's our job to provide the best constituent experiences, especially when it comes to grassroots organizing. One of the best ways to provide stellar constituent experiences is to understand their interests. For example, what action alerts or donation appeals do they respond to? Do they prefer Direct Mail or email communications? Any decent CRM system will help you get a good snapshot of your constituents interests and history of actions with your organization. But if you don't analyze the data, then you are missing out on getting to know and engage with your constituents on their terms.

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Power to the Online People

Our desire to reach people wherever they are any time of day has radically changed the way we communicate with constituents, colleagues, and friends in the last decade. The infographic Power to the Online People, shows how effective online organizing can be if you have the right strategies in place. For example, when Congress was considering to support the SOPA bill earlier in 2012, nonprofits and businesses organized over 10,000,000 people to sign online petitions and send over 3,000,000 emails to Congress. Users on Reddit also crowdsourced ideas to draft new Internet legislation in place of SOPA.

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Is Social Media Making Organizations Lazy?

My Facebook stream has been filled with nonprofits and businesses asking me to “like” photos, political statements, new products, petitions, etc. You name it, they have asked me to “like” it.  And it’s not just nonprofits or small business with limited resources relying on this lame strategy, it’s big organizations and major corporations who have invested significant money, resources, and staff in social media. Check out this update from Walmart who thought the best way to engage their 25 million Facebook likers was to say “We know you like to be the first to comment. Now, we want to see who can be the LAST to comment. Ready, set, GO!”

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Strategies to Manage an Online Crisis

Every organization makes mistakes. Of course some mishaps are bigger than others and can damage your reputation among important stakeholders like your activists, donors, and volunteers. A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to share my best tips for managing an online crisis, with Allison Fine, for a podcast on the Chronicle of Philanthropy. We had such a terrific discussion that I thought I would contribute my list back to the community. The next time your organization makes a mistake, use these tips to handle the crisis ASAP, so it doesn’t bubble up and explode.

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Lean Digital Campaigns

The standard nonprofit process of building a digital strategy — or a standalone campaign — can often be a shot in the dark. Organizations spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on a theory that users will click or donate or share or engage, and success is by no means guaranteed. To borrow a phrase, the accepted model is “build it and they’ll come.”

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7 Voting Resources You Should Know Before Heading to the Polls

After an intense year of candidates using every tactic under the sun to win votes for the 2012 election, citizens all across the U.S. will be casting their votes tomorrow on November 6th. If you are looking for last minute resources around the election, we have got you covered.

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