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Why Your Nonprofit Should Use the Facebook Donate Button

 Drumroll, please… Facebook recently rolled out their Donate button for nonprofit pages. Previously the donate button was in beta and only a few selected nonprofits had access to it The Donate button links to your website’s donation page, and all gifts will be processed through your processing system. While your nonrprofit should not expect to raise millions of dollars with this new feature, it's definitely something nonprofits should be taking advantage of.

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5 Ways to Prep for the Best End of Year Fundraising Yet

 It’s almost October, and it’s time to begin figuring out your end of year fundraising plan if you haven’t already.

  1. Prep now for #GivingTuesday! Giving Tuesday launches on December 1, and they’re already prepping with webinars and events to get you prepared to raise the most amount of money. While Black Friday has been dropping in sales year over year, #GivingTuesday has been raising more money each year. This is a great way for your organization to join a movement that shines a light on the importance of charitable giving.

  2. Make sure your donate button stands out. Make giving on your website easy. Users should not go to your website and spend more than 5 seconds trying to find your donate button. One of the strategies we have been testing and finding success with at our web agency Rad Campaign is having a “quick donate” button at the top of your site on every page. When a user moves their mouse over the donate button it expands with a form field to donate a specific dollar amount. We have seen organizations double their online donations on key pages with this strategy. Test it on your nonprofit site and let us know the results in the comments. 

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Is Your Nonprofit's Content Effective?

 Are Google Analytics your best friend? Does data that gives you insight into your fundraising and advocacy strategy make you happy? If not, they should be. Analytics and metrics are what should be informing your content, your strategy, and your nonprofit campaigns.

Recently General Assembly and HubSpot teamed up to generate a report to fill you in on all the important metrics: Introduction to Inbound Marketing Analytics and the Key Metrics Your Executives Want To See.

They cover what your analytics should look like, and what exactly you should be measuring.

But you also don’t have to be metric-savvy before diving into the report. All the lingo is clearly laid out and defined:

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Tips to Connect with Millennials

 A couple of weeks ago, we talked about why millennials are one of your best audiences. Today we are digging a little deeper into some of the great research from The Millennial Impact Project about how to better connect with millennials. 

The Millennial Impact Project released their Top 100 data points based on 6 years of millennial cause and workplace engagement research. This data will help your nonprofit better involve the next generation in your fundraising campaigns, volunteer projects, cause initiatives, and programming. Here’s a highlight of the top findings:

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3 Steps to Launch a Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Campaign

 What does it take to launch a successful peer to peer fundraising campaign?

Well, all it takes is a trip down memory lane! Whether it was selling chocolate to raise money for the school field trip, gift wrap for the year-end events, a bake sale for charity, or any other number of childhood fundraising activities, you can recall a time when you desperately wanted to raise the money for something, and you called on your friends and family to help.

That is called peer-to-peer fundraising, and that means you already know what peer-to-peer fundraising entails: reaching out to your friends and family. This time around, however, it’s your family of supporters you’ll be engaging and it’s their friends (or networks) that will become your donors.

To launch this kind of campaign effectively, there are a few strategies that 

you’ll want to implement that can turn the basic fundraising principles behind selling girl scout cookies into a polished campaign that can raise thousands in funds for your nonprofit.

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Online Donations Rise in 2015

 What goes down must come up, right?

Okay, maybe that’s not the saying, but that’s what is happening with charitable giving trends right now. The Blackbaud Index just released the newest giving data through June 2015.

We’ve pulled together the stats to keep you in the loop:

  • Overall charitable giving decreased 0.5% for the 3 months ending June 2015, compared to the same period a year earlier (based on data from 5,170 charities that raised more than $17 billion in the prior 12 months).

  • Online giving grew a significant 13.8% in the same 3-month period, compared to the same period a year earlier (based on 3,786 charities that raised over $2 billion online in the prior 12 months).
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  Topics: Online Fundraising

Why Millennials Are One of Your Best Audiences

 Millennials have been pigeonholed as being lazy, but when it comes to social justice issues, Millennials are quite passionate about causes and donate money to the issues they support. With all these mixed messages, how can your nonprofit really dig in and learn what Millennials need, and how to reach them? Or maybe you’re reading this as a Millennial who’s working at or running a nonprofit, and want to know how to reach your own generation most effectively?

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  Topics: Online Fundraising, Volunteering, Lead Generation

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