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5 Ways to Engage Online Like You Mean It

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: social media and the Internet should be like a cocktail party - you should be mingling and engaging with your guests. Be welcoming, courteous, and fun.

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Nonprofit Trends And Strategies You Need To Know

With a few months of 2016 under our belts, it's time to evaluate where we're at digitally, and if we're innovating quickly. What should nonprofits be focusing on for the remainder of the year, and what will produce the best ROI? Good news, a report conducted by Care2, hjc, NTEN, and the Resource Alliance was just released: the 2016 Digital Outlook Report: Nonprofit Trends and Strategy

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Care2 Awards Seventh Annual Impact Prize to Covenant House International

Care2 is pleased to announce the winner of the seventh annual Care2 Impact Prize. Covenant House International's "Not a Game" campaign was selected by members of the nonprofit community from five finalists. The runners up and recipients of the Care2 Innovator Award are: Oxfam America's "Lives on the Line - The Human Cost of Chicken"; World Wildlife Fund's "End Elephant Slaughter: Save Their Ivory Tusks"; Colorlines' "Justice for Sandra Bland"; and "Fight for $15". 
The Impact Award honors a campaign or initiative in the nonprofit sector that has made an outstanding impact on the field of online advocacy, online fundraising, or both.The winning campaign from Covenant House International was designed to help constituents learn about the shocking sex trafficking of minors that takes place around major sporting events. 
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Keeping Up With the Social Media Tide

We all know there’s a whole sea of shiny objects out there, and new apps are released every single day. And while you’re still using your tried and trusty outlets, they’re also working to keep up with the times, and are getting their own makeovers. You don’t have enough hours in the day, and while it’s time-consuming to keep up with all of the social network updates, it’s critical.

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  Topics: Social Networking, Trends

How Political Giving Impacts Nonprofit Donations

A lot of nonprofits question how big election years will impact their fundraising, especially if they are not a C4 or a PAC. They worry that donors will prioritize candidate donations over their nonprofit. A new report by Blackbaud shows that this assumption may be wrong. During the 2012 elections, data showed that political donors tracked by the Federal Election Commission gave more to nonprofit organizations in 2012 than they did in 2011. Another words many donors are happy to support both political candidates and nonprofits. 

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3 Self-Care Tips for Nonprofit Teams

The nonprofit sector is no stranger to burnout and unhealthy work habits. Mobilizing a base of supporters and advocating for meaningful change that will positively impact the world can sometimes feel draining. There are just not enough hours in the day to get everything done. As the cofounder of a web agency that teams up with nonprofits to fight for social change, I think about how we can do a better job of integrating self-care and good health habits into our day-to-day work. Beth Kanter and Aliza Sherman recently asked me to share what we do at Rad Campaign for the the book they are writing "The Happy, Healthy Nonprofit." Here's three tips that have really worked for us.

1. Take Vacation When You Need It.

This year we implemented flexible vacation. The concept is simple. Take vacation when you need it. Whenever folks on our team feel like they need to take some time off to recharge, want go visit family, go hiking in the woods, etc. they schedule it and take time off, provided it does not interfere with major deadlines and that there is enough staff in the office to cover things. One of the main reasons we implemented flexible vacation was because some staff were concerned that if they did not take their vacation by the end of the year, they would lose it. Others wanted to take some extra vacation but technically did not have enough accrued hours for the year. Flexible vacation eliminates this unnecessary stress and now everyone has a lot more flexibility to recharge as they need it. Some Executive Director's might be scared of flexible vacation because they think staff may abuse this policy. If you trust your team to get their work done and meet their deadlines this should not be an issue. 

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10 #16NTC Sessions to Attend

Another awesome 16NTC conference starts next week in San Jose. There's going to be some terrific panels aimed at nonprofit advocacy, fundraising, tech, and leadership teams. Every year we go through the program to help you focus on the top 10 sessions to attend. Get ready! Go!

1. Digital Outlook: Ready, Set, Go… Wait, Where Are We Going?
2015 was a banner year for integration, as nonprofits reshaped and retooled to combine traditional (offline) and digital (online) endeavors, acknowledging that in modern marketing, digital shouldn’t
exist in isolation.

The 2016 Digital Outlook Report results are in, and it may surprise you or reaffirm your strategic decisions and investments this year. Data from hundreds of organizations across the globe has guided the findings — see how you compare!

Research and report partners Care2, hjc, and NTEN will walk you through a recap of trends and strategies, highlighting best practices and expert insights along the way.

2. It Takes More than a Hashtag to Build a Movement: Network Building for Change.
Movement leaders are constantly seeking powerful ways to connect resources to people and people to each other in order to create change — but social change cannot happen when individual leaders in grassroots groups and organizations are fractured from one another and campaign in isolation. 

This session opens a discussion about the mechanics of network building for social change, and offers a framework for discussion and an opportunity tomake sense of it all through a mix of large groups, peer learning, and small groups.

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