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How Nonprofits Should Define Success

Nonprofits work on some of the toughest issues facing the world, ranging from ending poverty to reversing the environmental effects related to climate change.

While nonprofits may not be able to solve these problems in our lifetime, we must be able to show impact and show degrees of success with our advocates and donors. We also need to engage the public at-large on these critical issues and illustrate how we are moving the needle.

How Can a Nonprofit Define Campaign Success that Donors and Advocates will Understand?

The Big Picture 

From an advocacy perspective a nonprofit must look at the big picture and overarching goal. For example, is your nonprofit meeting any part of its mission of solving the problem you are fighting?

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Is Your Nonprofit Doing Instagram Right?

We know the drill: nonprofits tend to be short staffed when it comes to social, especially this time of year, but it’s crucial you’re meeting your audiences where they’re at. One place they definitely are? Instagram. Over the past 3 years, nonprofits experienced almost double the growth on Pinterest and Instagram.

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ActionSprout and Facebook to Give Away $2M in Facebook Ads

ActionSprout is teaming up with Facebook, and giving away $2M in Facebook advertising credits to 2,000 nonprofits. About a year ago, Beth Kanter, myself, and a few others in the nonprofit community discussed ways we could lobby Facebook to better support the nonprofit community by offering a Facebook ad grants program similar to Google. Could this new experiment between ActionSprout and Facebook lead to a longer term Facebook ad grants program? I sure hope so.

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10 Nonprofits to Follow on Instagram

One of the greatest assets that nonprofits have at their disposal is stories. Stories about their movement, stories about the people they are serving, and stories about their volunteers and staff on the ground to support the organization’s mission. One of the best ways to support your stories is through photography and imagery, especially as social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and even Twitter to some extent prioritize visual content, including videos.

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5 Killer Mistakes Nonprofits Make in Crowdfunding Campaigns

Today, crowdfunding is a viable fundraising method that can be successfully utilized by nonprofit organizations as well as individuals. Put simply, crowdfunding relies on an online software platform that allows individuals, organizations and companies to make donations with a simple click of the mouse. When crowdfunding campaigns are run correctly, nonprofits see their fundraising results catapult far beyond old-school techniques. However, successful crowdfunding campaigns require far more than just setting up a page and asking for money. Here are some missteps that organizations must watch out for when it comes to conducting crowdfunding campaigns.

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Don’t Fake Your Fundraising Campaign

 With year-end fundraising season upon us, it’s time to pull out the best tools from our toolbox to raise the most money. Year-end fundraising is one of the most important times for nonprofits because it brings in the most amount of money. 

Do you have all of your year-end fundraising campaigns geared up and ready to go? If not, you need to start planning ASAP. Check out some of the great data from the Abila 2015 Fundraising Advisor Benchmark Report. You can download the whole report here and check out the highlights below. Plus we have added our own tips based on industry best practices. The data will arm you with the information you need to develop successful year-end campaigns.

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Ding, Dong, the Facebook Dislike Button’s Dead

 While some nonprofits on Facebook have been excited by the new Facebook "Dislike" button, we’ve got some news – it’s not coming to fruition. Bloomberg reported that the Dislike button would “inject negativity into a social network fueled by baby photos and Corgis waddling at the beach.” While this news may be a relief for some nonprofits, it could be frustrating for others who were planning their campaigns around constituents’ Disliking things like Congress’ inaction on issues like gun violence prevention bills or climate change legislation.

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