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Learn how to grow your nonprofit through Donor Recruitment, Online Fundraising, Advocacy, and Social Media with Care2’s team of expert nonprofit professionals.

Webinar: How Online Marketing Can Be Your Nonprofits Fundraising Stimulus Plan

Care2 is hosting a webinar on How Online Marketing Can Be Your Fundraising Stimulus Plan During Tough Times on Tuesday, February 24th at 2PM.

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Reaching Baby Boomers: The Next Big Demographic in Nonprofit Online Fundraising

By: Allyson Kapin, Blogger-In-Chief

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Recession Obsession – What Does The Future Hold For Online Fundraising?

I can’t stop thinking about it and no one will let me. Turn on the TV, read the paper, listen to NPR, it’s all gloom and doom. What does that mean for nonprofits? Past behavior is an indicator of future actions, but that’s not likely the case this year. What can you expect in 2009? What should you do? Well, you can start by reading some of the most recent studies by Blackbaud, Donor Digital and M+R Strategic Services with 2008 year-end highlights, and smart tactics to deploy in these hard times. (BTW, I just did something that was suggested I not do - mention the state of the economy.)

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Purpose Prize Awards $100K to Social Justice Innovators Over 60

Do you know someone over 60 who is changing the world? Check out the Purpose Prize, which is looking to award up to $100K to social innovators who are creating new ways to solve pressing social issues, ranging from education to health care to poverty and global warming. The deadline is March 5, 2009.

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  Topics: Misc., Nonprofit Events, Awards, Trends

How Nonprofits Can Benefit From Cause-Related Marketing

Care2’s Dana Weissman had a great discussion on cause-related marketing with Rob Densen, founder of Tiller LLC, a leading advocacy marketing and communications consulting firm. Densen has developed innovative programs ranging from demystifying the language of Wall Street for AARP Financial to an alliance focused on minority financial empowerment that brings together the ING Foundation with Girls Inc.

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  Topics: Social Networking, Cause Marketing

Twestival: To Meet, Tweet And Raise $500K For Charity

I will be watching Twitter like a hawk later this this week. Why? Because 175+ cities around the world will be hosting Twestivals on February 12th, which bring together Twitter communities for an evening of fun and to raise $500K for charity: water, a nonprofit organization bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in developing nations.

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  Topics: Social Networking, Online Fundraising, Web 2.0, Trends

Why Every Nonprofit Should Embrace the Web 2.0 World

Judith Freeman of the New Organizing Institute and Liza Sabater of Culture Kitchen joined me on a panel recently at the Fem 2.0 Conference to discuss the importance of incorporating Web 2.0 tools as part of an organization’s communications strategy. We had a lively discussion with several senior nonprofit executives about embracing the Web 2.0 world, without mistaking it for "the solution" to your online advocacy and online fundraising needs. The truth is, Web 2.0 is a buzzword. It’s important to recognize that you will not recruit millions of new people to your organization and raise tons of money just because you have a profile on Facebook, or because your staff Twitters. So if your organization can’t recruit millions of new supporters and raise lots of money, then why is Web 2.0 so important? Here are my top five reasons why every organization should have a solid presence in the Web 2.0 world.

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  Topics: Online Marketing, Web 2.0

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