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Washington Post: Fundraising Via Email Is Way More Effective than via Social Networks

"Show me the money." That’s what nonprofits are asking of Facebook Causes pages. The Washington Post did a great article today that reinforces the value of nonprofits' using email as a core fundraising strategy rather then social networks. The numbers in the Post report, which were taken directly from Facebook Causes' own published statistics, show overwhelmingly that most nonprofits are poorly served by trying to use Facebook Causes for fundraising. Almost two years after Facebook Causes was launched, the tool still does not seem to be working for fundraising, except for a tiny group of nonprofits. Even for this fortunate few, the results they achieved on Facebook were reportedly dwarfed by the fundraising results that good old email campaigns and other tried-and-true methods achieve for nonprofits.

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  Topics: Social Networking, Online Fundraising, Web 2.0

Congratulations to Nonprofit Campaigners on Three Recent Victories

1. Environmental Groups Prompt EPA to Block Five Mountaintop Mining Projects

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Punching Up Your Action Alerts and Online Fundraising Appeals

As a consultant for nonprofits and political campaigns, I receive a ton of action alerts and fundraising appeals every day. To be honest, my eyes just glaze over reading most of them because they say the same old thing. Yawn! As communicators who are fighting to change the world, we need to write passionately and tell stories that connect to people in order to motivate them to take action and donate some of their hard earned money. Often though, action alerts and fundraising appeals are written for senior management’s approval and just use their own wonky, boiler plate language. This needs to change ASAP. Remember the people on your list are not Members of Congress; they are everyday people who took the time to sign up to your list because they care about the issues you are fighting for. So speak to them.

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  Topics: Social Networking, Online Fundraising, Online Advocacy, Online Organizing, Web 2.0

Top 10 Panels at Politics Online Conference

The Politics Online Conference will be taking over the advocacy and political world in DC on April 20-21 at the Ronald Reagan building. This years line-up of panels has really great and useful topics and will offer key takeaways that nonprofits and campaigns can take back to the office and adapt. Here are some of the panels I will be checking out.

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How to Avoid the Elephant Stampede (And Other Crisis Communications Tips)

As someone who currently works in Corporate Online Marketing at New Media Strategies, but has a history of working in politics and non-profits, I often see a big discrepancy how the private sector reacts to an online crisis versus the public sector. From where I sit, the key to effective crisis communications is to follow the Boy Scouts motto: “Be Prepared.”

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On Frogloop's Radar

Getting Wired for Progress

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ROI Survey On Nonprofit Online Programs

Has your Executive Director ever asked what is the ROI of your nonprofit's online program? It's common knowledge that online giving and participation is growing and an online strategy has to be a critical part of your fundraising mix. But just how much money should you be investing in your online strategy?

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