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Easy Tips to Start Greening Your IT, Part Two

In part one of this two-part series we discussed a few affordable, quick-start approaches to greening your nonprofit’s IT. Now we’ll look at two additional approaches that may take some initial upfront investment but will prove to provide your organization with a significant ROI if done right.

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  Topics: Misc., nptech

Democracy In Action Offers Green Grant to Nonprofits

The very cool folks at Democracy In Action are giving away a year's worth of Salsa, a constituent relationship management system that allows nonprofits to ramp up and track their online organizing. Only 5 environmental nonprofits will be selected so get your applications in fast. The deadline is May 22, 2009. Groups working on climate change, green energy, green jobs, and state-based initiatives are strongly encouraged to apply!

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10 Things Every Nonprofit Should Know About Social Media and Online Communications

Last week I spoke on a couple of great panels at the Politics Online Conference about technology, social media and how Congress is trying to adapt to the ever-changing world wide web aka the “series of tubes” as former Senator Ted Stevens so hilariously described it. From grassroots advocacy staffers to Hill staffers and PR folks, the same questions arose during each panel session – what are the top social media tools to use to spread an organizations message and how does an organization effectively use online communications tools. All great questions! Let’s get down to my top 10 list of things every nonprofit should know about social media and online communications.

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  Topics: Social Networking, Nonprofit Benchmark Studies, Online Marketing, Web 2.0, Trends

Top 10 Panels at Nonprofit Technology Conference

Leave it to NTEN to create one of the most fabulous nonprofit conferences packed with nptech rock star panelists and valuable sessions to boot ranging from online fundraising to social media and nonprofit technology tools.

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Easy Tips to Start Greening Your IT

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Washington Post: Fundraising Via Email Is Way More Effective than via Social Networks

"Show me the money." That’s what nonprofits are asking of Facebook Causes pages. The Washington Post did a great article today that reinforces the value of nonprofits' using email as a core fundraising strategy rather then social networks. The numbers in the Post report, which were taken directly from Facebook Causes' own published statistics, show overwhelmingly that most nonprofits are poorly served by trying to use Facebook Causes for fundraising. Almost two years after Facebook Causes was launched, the tool still does not seem to be working for fundraising, except for a tiny group of nonprofits. Even for this fortunate few, the results they achieved on Facebook were reportedly dwarfed by the fundraising results that good old email campaigns and other tried-and-true methods achieve for nonprofits.

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  Topics: Social Networking, Online Fundraising, Web 2.0

Congratulations to Nonprofit Campaigners on Three Recent Victories

1. Environmental Groups Prompt EPA to Block Five Mountaintop Mining Projects

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  Topics: Care2 Case Studies, Online Advocacy, Online Organizing

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