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POV: Involving Your Staff in Your Capital Campaign and Why it Matters

Years ago, when I first entered the capital campaign consulting field, my mother decided she wanted to support the capital campaign I was working on. She wanted it to be a surprise, so instead of telling me and asking me to connect her to the right person to transact the gift, she just drove to the organization and went up to the front desk.

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Meaningfully Connecting With Volunteers in the Virtual Space: Key Tips to Know

After over a year of public health restrictions, organizations worldwide have had to adapt and evolve to keep operations running remotely through new digital strategies. Restrictions helped spark innovations, and many nonprofits turned to new virtual ways to keep their volunteer programs going even when they couldn’t take place in person. 

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4 Strategies to Digitize Your Next Fundraising Campaign

Software and digital tools have redefined how nonprofits think about outreach and organization. While paper physical copies still have their place as reference documents, digitizing your fundraising campaigns allows your nonprofit’s team easy access to shared tools while communicating with supporters across the country. 

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  Topics: nptech, Digital Strategy, CRM, software

How To Protect Donor Financial Data Online

It’s crucial to understand the best practices that ensure data security for all nonprofit engagements. Data breaches are common in our online world today, and if one were to happen to your organization, it could harm your reputation and ultimately mar your community’s trust. It also makes your supporters extremely vulnerable to identity and financial theft. 

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  Topics: payment processing, donor data, online donations, data security

4 Tips to Turn Your Upcoming Fall Fundraisers into Hybrid Events

For many nonprofit organizations, fundraising events make up a significant portion of overall fundraising revenue and donor engagement. In the last year, many of these events typically held in person were forced to transition to the virtual realm with little to no notice. However, as things begin reopening in many parts of the country and vaccines continue rolling out, in-person events are beginning to take precedence once again.

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  Topics: Nonprofit Events, fundraising, peer-to-peer fundraising

What Equitable Fundraising Looks Like in 2021

Throughout the last year, a lot changed for the nonprofit world. Engagement and fundraising shifted entirely online, presenting new challenges regarding accessibility and outreach. Meanwhile, movements like the Black Lives Matter protests against police brutality reminded us of or opened our eyes to all of the inequities in our country and the potential for improvement in diversity, equity, and inclusive (DEI). 

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New Webinar: Donor acquisition best practices for 2021

Every year, charities and nonprofits experience churn on their donor file. A significant percentage of supporters will eventually stop responding to direct mail, donating online, following a charity on social media, or opening cause-related emails!

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  Topics: Online Fundraising, Care2 Webinars, Lead Generation, email fundraising, acquisition

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