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Why Creativity is the Underestimated Superpower of the Nonprofit World

Creativity is an under-celebrated superpower.

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  Topics: Social Networking, Online Advocacy, Online Organizing, Online Marketing, Trends

Lessons Learned From Social Fundraising Contests

A new report is out today that explores the impact of Give to the Max Day: Greater Washington, which was held for the first time in November. There are some great takeaways for nonprofits thinking abut social fundraising and communities considering organizing giving day events of their own.

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Steal These 42 Creative Pinterest Ideas for Nonprofits

We’re about to see Pinterest use among nonprofit organizations explode. Pinterest has a lot of potential, especially for organizations whose stories lend themselved to visual storytelling. 

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15 Steps to an Awesome Website Launch

Your website is often the first introduction people get to the amazing work you do to change the world. Sometimes you only have moments to get people’s attention before they move on. In our mobile, social, always on, multi-screen world it’s important to ensure that your for that your organization’s home on the web is robust, well designed, and well-built.

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Best Creative Nonprofit Campaigns for Cyber Monday and Thanksgiving

Since many nonprofits receive up to 40% of donations at the end of the year, nonprofits typically focus on end-of-the year campaigns, specifically in December.

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  Topics: Social Networking, Online Fundraising, Video, Online Marketing, Web 2.0

Nonprofit Growing Pains. Dealing with Change.

Change is hard.


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7 Lessons Your Nonprofit Needs to Know

Blackbaud’s annual conference was this week and nonprofit staff converged on #bbcon to ask questions, share lessons learned, and learn together. I thought I’d share a few of the ideas I came away with.

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