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Rate Card

We’ve included our general advertising rates below. In addition to run of site banner placements, we offer roadblocks, custom editorial, and unique sponsorship opportunities such as contests. (Minimum ad buy of $15K)

Video Challenge Daily Action Custom Editorial
Placement Ad Size / Type CPM
Run of Site 728x90 $10
728x90 / 970x250 $10
300x250 $10
300x250/600/100 $10
Homepage 300x250 $15
728x90 $15
Channels (Healthy Living, Causes) Reskin 1550x825 $15
300x250 $15
300x250/600/1000 $15
In-article video $15
Newsletters (Healthy Living, Causes) Marquee 970x250 $35
300x250 $20
728x90 $20
Video Challenge Custom Video Challenge $1
Daily Action Custom Daily Action $5,000
Custom Editorial Blog post on Healthy Living or Causes $5,000